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I’ve been to a couple of shows where everyone knows the words to every song, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily sing along the entire time. R Kelly’s fans are different. Throughout the two-hour performance, which was really just about a half dozen medleys covering bits of well over 3o songs, the audience bellowed the chorus and, in some cases, verses of almost every song, even the Sam Cooke number he covered near the end.

There were some weird spots, like the home video he played (within the home video of a monologue he recorded) of Michael Jackson and auteur Brett Rattner dancing to the remix of Ignition and the part where he spoke openly about how this was the first tour he’d been on since his court case…

No Trapped in the Closet, which we kind of anticipated he’d avoid anyway (though Sex in the Kitchen briefly entered the mix), just tons and tons of sincere, if slightly raunchy, songs about having sex, usually in hotel rooms.

I know it’s not too easy to tell, but this image comes from the grand finale, set to Step in the Name of Love.

R Kelly Finale

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