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Vintage dimensional dress with crazy bead work. Makes me look like a hot pink marshmallow, but is incredible regardless.

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rhinestone purse

As Holiday party season approaches, don’t you need a small purse made entirely of rhinestones?

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dior hat

Vintage Dior.  yes please!

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shelley duvall colorblocked

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cassie merchantile

cassie merchantile

Cassie Merchantile is a spectacular appointment only vintage inspiration shop in London that I was happy to have had the chance to visit last February.

Click here to see the rest of Cassie Merchantile

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Surrounded by his hair creations.

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1900 walking suit silk lining

It’s hard to capture to vibrancy of this silk pattern that lines a walking jacket from 1900. I wish it wasn’t too fragile to wear.

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summer 43 glamour magazine

Seven models populate a fake beach in this Serge Balkin photograph, which appeared in the December 1946 Glamour. They wear the latest summer fashions, from swimsuits and skirts to sandals. The kitschy set gives this work a sense of 1940s-era humor.”

vanity fair picnic cover 1933

Photographer Anton Bruehl turned Vanity Fair’s March 1933 cover into a picnic scene with mugs of foam-capped beer on a red and white–checked tablecloth and the magazine’s title spelled above in bits of pretzel.”

Both prints can be bought at the Conde Nast Store.

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uncommon objects

uncommon objects

Taken about a year ago at my favorite store in Austin, TX – Uncommon Objects – possibly the most aesthetically pleasing place to browse on Earth.

Click here to see the rest of Uncommon Objects

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The Cockettes

The Cockettes

The Cockettes

The Cockettes

The Cockettes
Stills from the glittertastic documentary The Cockettes by David Weissman and Bill Weber. The performance group/acid heads depicted were drugged out, hippie drag queens swathed in glitter, crinoline, hoop skirts, and colored lace. Any fan of vintage and dressing up can’t help but be inspired by these images. There are many more after the jump.

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