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murmur of the heart

murmur of the heart

murmur of the heart

Wonderful French boy style from Louis Malle’s raunchy, touching and controversial coming of age classic. Read a full review here. See more fashions including stiff collars and Boy Scout uniforms after the jump.

Click here to see the rest of Murmur of the Heart

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Serge Gainsbourg

I feel like it’s underused, underrated and generally under appreciated; here are two songs that I’m hoping will change all that.

Serge Gainsbourg’s Lunatic Asylum, the exciting finale to the amazing L’ Homme a Tete De Chou

Play Lunatic Asylum

and Ennio Morricone’s Rapimento In Campo Aperto, from the recently complied (by Mike Patton) Crime and Dissonance.

Play In Campo Aperto

I also want to point out that Snoopy plays a mean Jew’s Harp, listen as you (finally) learn how to properly spell believe.

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