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1900 walking suit silk lining

It’s hard to capture to vibrancy of this silk pattern that lines a walking jacket from 1900. I wish it wasn’t too fragile to wear.

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at the Met.

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wild sears dress

wild sears dress

Can you imagine walking into Sears and finding something this wildly awesome today?

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chorizo pumpkin pizza

If I could transport myself any place tomorrow, I’d be back at the Story Deli and beautiful shop in London, having crispy chorizo and pumpkin pizza with my friend Dana and her adorable baby Bea.


The amazing concept store run by Anne Shore. Read more here.

Click here to see the rest of If I Could Be Anywhere… Story Shop and Deli in London

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crazy patchwork crochet

Crazy, indeed.. enough to make a woman read a blank book.

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Christian Lacroix Skirt

A great and crazy print from designer Christian Lacroix‘s Bazar line.
Click here to see the rest of Wild Christian Lacroix Print

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