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root beer

root beer

Almost a year back now, I wondered what really went into root beer. So I looked up how to make it. At the time I thought the recipe I found online from 1900 seemed like a great idea. Then I realized I either did something horribly wrong or people’s idea of root beer changed a lot in the last century. That batch turned out horrible. It was light yellow colored, had fermented too much, and tasted like a bad herby home brew beer. It was undrinkable. My second batch came out a little better, it was at least drinkable, although not very good. It tasted more of a week ginger ale. I decided this recipe wasn’t working for me. So I looked to find a better recipe. Finding one of the only books printed in the modern era on soda (specifically root beer) making on Amazon, I gave it a third go.

This is a photo of my third batch. Which I have to say isn’t perfect or completely there yet, but it has the right color, it smells like root beer, takes similar to root beer, and isn’t too bad tasting. There will be a forth patch with hopefully an even better root beer, but so far its a work in progress, and its more than half way there.

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