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The sixties offer so many forgotten bands, like the Canadian psychedelic group, The Paupers – who loved them some chess. I am curious to know what was included in the Fan Club package (arriving via rush delivery).

They had a few modest hits, upstaged Jefferson Airplane, and played at the Monterey Pop Festival. Here’s a Friday song bonus of theirs called “If I Told My Baby” which I quite like:

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ok, I wouldn’t normally post something like this, and yes I know this is just a commercial for cat food, but it’s totally insane! You too will soon have this horrible jingle in your head.

Not only do I love the whole concept of a cat wandering through a psychedelic acid trip of where he thinks his food comes from, but now I can’t get the image of those weird ass chickens bowing to the cat as to say “good marrow sir puss, you may eat me at your leisure.”

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Jefferson Airplane

Shocking Blue

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Zombies Odessey and Oracle

A wonderful Zombies album with an equally great design. See the young chaps on the back cover after the jump.

Click here to see the rest of Odessey and Oracle

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Yo check it, I admire work like this but not when people do it now. From my perosnal collection.


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