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Our film and video class was a very tight knit group of hell raisers (we just found out one professor, Peter O’Neill dubbed us “the class from hell”). We scoffed at “the man” who was always trying to bring us down. One example was our Senior Show, the poster for which a member of the class usually designed. For our year they decided instead to give the honor to a grumpy secretary who didn’t like any of us. The result was unmemorable. We, of course, made our own poster anyways and this is it. Our extremely talented friend Tim Lokiec is the artist. I adore!!

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I love when good design is made for good things. This Honeymoon Killers poster is one of my favorites and it’s a totally great movie to boot. Read my review here.

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cannes blow up

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carnival de las bestias

This is going to the top of my Netflix queue.

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Poster from 1932 for some kind of exhibition in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland.  From the book L’art Commercial des Années 30.

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tadanori yokoo

tadanori yokoo

tadanori yokoo

tadanori yokoo
Be sure to check out his animation too.

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giant robot print show

giant robot print show

At 437 E 9th St, go to find lots of affordable and bright art for your walls.

Click here to see the rest of Giant Robot Print Show

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polish posters at the MoMA

polish posters at the MoMA

Through Nov. 30, 2009

Click here to see the rest of Polish Posters at the MoMA

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