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The details of the “Frat” house get together are fascinating: the ceramic poodle, the paddle at the ready, and the man on the far right looking strangely pantless but with a bumper sticker on his butt. I think “Jackie”, the “Shady Lady” is Wow! about to witness something very bizarre in the wood paneled room.

From Escapade Magazine, July 1960.

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gettin together easy riders 1978 july

Easyriders Magazine July 1978.

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dude's bash

dude's bash

This 1961 Dude Magazine article about a cool, cool night in a New Jersey grove is utterly fascinating. I highly recommend that anyone interested in the decade read the rest of it (or at least look at the pictures) after the jump.

I’ve researched a few of the key players from this “bash in low key” and found out that mustached actor Al Dekker would be found dead in his apartment seven years later, that “swinging chick” Linda Lombard can still grace your dorm room wall, that the “mellow, mellow” Don Elliot created a band called the Nutty Squirrels that was a failed precursor to Alvin and the Chipmunks (complete with cartoons), and that to “make hay” means “to turn to one’s advantage”.

Click here to see the rest of Dude’s Bash

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