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displacer beast

The displacer beast “a puma-like creature with six legs and two tentacles growing from its shoulders” that “always appears to be three feet away from its actual position” is one of the only rare creatures we’ve encountered in D&D. We made a cloak of invisibility out of its hide.

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my first video game

And a nerd is born!

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Take this, Nerds!

There comes a very special time in every basement dwellers life when he or she decides they should readjust to the sunlight outside of their Mother’s house and visit the local ComicCon.


This says it all.. but only sometimes . .


Unless you are wearing a mask this says “it” all, all of the time.  Hi, Hello.  

Evidently I’m not the only person that can say hello creatively. You can see a lot more these images at  HelloKittyHell

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