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This man sings songs about God to you in dog make-up. What it means I do not know. Is is cause dog is god spelled backwards? Whatever it is it makes me feel dirty inside. Found this one via boingboing

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Jessica’s suggestion to post photos taken with our phones is a brilliant one…

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned 1000 times, Dan and I saw Phish last month and it was AMAZING!!!! The most amazing part: stepping out onto the street to discover that literally everyone was huffing nitrous oxide balloons, the dude above included.

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Click on this awesome album cover and watch an even more awesome dance routine.

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peggy lipton

peggy lipton

All images of the lovely Peggy Lipton are from the Life Archives.

Click here to see the rest of Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Peggy

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Click here to play Ouverture Jaya Semara

A little Balinese Gamelan Orchestra named Jaya Semara…that’s all

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