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what! no beer?
just posted this over on my beer blog after finding the swedish version of this poster for a buster keaton/jimmy durante film with the awesome title of “what! no beer?”. ah prohibition beer movies. this one has a pretty awesome title, and some stylish poster art.
(via bier hall crawl)

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I love when good design is made for good things. This Honeymoon Killers poster is one of my favorites and it’s a totally great movie to boot. Read my review here.

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Thanks to Luke, I now own the book I so fervently coveted, “Extreme Canvas” by Ernie Wolfe III.  Its awesomeness cannot be described. The glorious collection of full-page color plates are wonderful look at, but even more engrossing are the artists’ biographies and the essays exploring the history of the art form.  The book is out of print, but luckily copies are still available here.

Click here to see the rest of More Ghana Movie Posters

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disney old dogs

just noticed this poster on my way to lunch. Apparently Travolta Williams is staring in this amazing new film called “Disney Old Dogs”. Yes, that’s seth green in the arms of a gorilla. Whoa, if that doesn’t add up to a hit and the most loved movie of the year, I don’t know what does? I love how my second favorite scientologist actor has an expression of “did i do dat?”.

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Hand-painted movie posters from Ghana. Thank you thank you to this excellent blog and all who post therein for sharing these gems! (Be sure to visit to see more epic poster art!)  Some of the images are from a book that I fervently covet called Extreme Canvas: Movie Poster Paintings from Ghana.  You can actually buy a few action-movie posters here.

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