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Famous Monsters of Filmland Filmonster Convention 1975

Famous Monsters of Filmland Filmonster Convention 1975

These images come from the May, 1975 issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland’s coverage of the 1st annual Filmonster Convention. 3,500 boys and ghouls turned out for this Circus of Horrors! I myself (semi) recently attended a monster convention and I’ve got to say, I would much rather have gone to this one.

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Man, Myth and Magic: Title Page

Man, Myth and Magic: Black Magic and Witchcraft

Growing up, this was far and away the book that I perused the most. My parents, for whatever reason, stopped collecting after volume 3 but, as soon as I got my first disposable income, I purchased the entire set on eBay for like $35; right after I bought a Genesis (Power Base Converter included) and a Phantasy Star II cartridge.

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Derek Riggs Iron Maiden Killers Album

This is what got Tony into art when he was little.

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This is from an issue of Playboy, I think in the 1980s, because women still had pubic hair back then. The monster guy is definitely from a movie that was being promoted at the time. That’s all I know about this picture. Why doesn’t Playboy do awesome pictorials anymore?

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