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“America on a Saturday evening.. Wild rides and calliope music… Or maybe love in a dark hallway; Anything, anywhere, to pass the time;

Dance it away in a thousand clubs… Or talk it away and drown it with gin;… Monday’s a million miles away.”

Escapade Magazine, 1967.

How did you spend your Saturday night?

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Surrounded by his hair creations.

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East Village Shopping 1967

A pretty interesting article (after the jump) about shopping in Greenwich Village circa 1967 – would love to take a walk and compare what stands in these locations today. A quick online search shows chocolate, bagel, juice, and permanent makeup shops, laundry mats, and tanning salons – not quite as fun as the city’s only guitar making shop and a store where a hippie handlooms scarves right in front of you.

From Escapade Magazine.

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From a booklet published by Rival Dog Food that could be obtained for a hefty $0.25 in cash or 12 Rival Dog Food labels.

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