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Imaginative Sex with 53 detailed scenarios for sensual fantasies and a revolutionary new guide to male-female relations by John Norman is truly phenomenal. The cover initially grabbed me (enough so that I purchased additional books in the Gor Series, click here for a wonderfully illustrated example of The I-Am-Raped-by-a-Monster Fantasy)  but it was, as Wikipedia says it best, the “male-dominant heterosexual BDSM-type sexual fantasy scenarios, and suggested guidelines as to how a couple can act them out in order to improve their sex life” that really made this a fantastic read. The unimaginative chapter titles give you sense enough of the repetitive, sexist themes.

In the rare fantasies that women are given a role of power they are quickly beaten over the head, wrapped in a carpet, raped and/or sold as a slave. I am currently role playing The I-Am-Raped-By-A-Blogger fantasy.



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The Chronicles of Gor series by John Norman is a personal favorite. I fell into the misogynistic lore after purchasing John Norman’s Imaginative Sex.

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