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Anne Francis, most famous for her role in Forbidden Planet.

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Found at Fille de Joie

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loads of pearls

Vogue 1972. I am a firm believer that more can really be more in some cases – pearls, as shown here – for sure.

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bright casual sears 1980

bright shiny sears 1980

Sears Catalog 1980. No wonder the decade is so influential.

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A jaunty bulldog brooch with one questioning red eye.

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cheetah pin

This is my new cheetah pin from Casbah Cafe in LA. He’s huge, his tail moves and I love him. Don’t you?

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The Cockettes

The Cockettes

The Cockettes

The Cockettes

The Cockettes
Stills from the glittertastic documentary The Cockettes by David Weissman and Bill Weber. The performance group/acid heads depicted were drugged out, hippie drag queens swathed in glitter, crinoline, hoop skirts, and colored lace. Any fan of vintage and dressing up can’t help but be inspired by these images. There are many more after the jump.

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Anjelica Huston 1972

Anjelica Huston 1972

Anjelica Huston 1972

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These displays were incredible, but the old guy was a crank.


Waving hello.


Costume jewelry is king.


Bright beads.

Brimfield Market is an overwhelming, huge affair in central Mass. The next one takes place July 14-19. In the course of the four hours we spent there, we picked up some pretty neat items, including this demon/naked lady mug and some amazing vintage novelties.

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