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living in america rocky 4

James Brown’s on hand to stick it to the Russians with soul.

living in america rocky 4

Apollo Creed wants you (but later he dies at the hands of Dolph Lundgren).

living in america james brown rocky 4

James Brown has given his all.

living in america rocky 4

It’s a different story when Rocky goes to Moscow for a grudge match.

living in america rocky 4

He totally beats up Dolph.

living in america rocky 4

But instead of murdering him, he gives a rousing speech about how people change!

living in america rocky 4

And ends the Cold War.

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I think James Brown was about 40% talent and 60% taste. His awesome belongings were auctioned off last July by Christies to the dismay of his children and business managers but to the joy of bidders.

James Brown's sofa

James Brown's chairs

James Brown's hair products

I almost bid on this set of curlers, hair products and Polaroid. Original price was set at $400 but the lot went for $6,000!

Click here to see the rest of James Brown had the coolest stuff

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