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easy riders magazine a powerful woman

easy riders magazine a powerful woman

Easyriders Magazine July 1978.

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backcover richard sala evil eye
Illustration by Richard Sala.

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bracelet violet books

master of shadows  violet books

The treasure trove of gorgeous, vintage dust jackets of supernatural, fantasy, western, adventure and mystery novels to gaze upon on the exhaustive website Violet Books is remarkable. I’ve posted a mere small portion of my favorites here, please take a look at the original website for many more.

Click here to see the rest of Book Covers, Beautiful Book Covers

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geliographic gun still life

geliographic gun still life

From Geliographic: Illustration on Demand, a site that prominantly features a cigar smoking cat.

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michael hague

Today is my dad’s birthday – and appropriately, I found this illustration he did for a Father’s Day card. Love you dad! See more of his brilliant work below and after the jump.

michael hague

Click here to see the rest of Happy Birthday Dad

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ladies love outlaws easy riders art

Illustration from Easy Riders Magazine March, 1978.

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little prince drawing

A boa constrictor swallowing a wild beast.

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Zombies Odessey and Oracle

A wonderful Zombies album with an equally great design. See the young chaps on the back cover after the jump.

Click here to see the rest of Odessey and Oracle

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vogue cover 1927

Haven’t really had a proper beach day all summer and this lovely, bronze 1927 Vogue cover is only making me more envious of those laying out in sunshine listening to the waves.

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