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Just read a book by George Alec Effinger and while researching him found this amazing image. It’s from Luminist Bookstore, which seems to have a great variety of pulp, sci-fi and horror books and magazines.

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While The Crazies by George Romero is certainly flawed, I was still disappointed to hear of a modern remake that’s likely to be worse than flawed. And it won’t star elfin beauty Lynn Lowry.

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deep red hatchet murders

deep red hatchet murders

deep red hatchet murders

No matter your personal opinion of Dario Argento’s movies (I tend to love them despite their flaws), you must admit that they are visually spectacular. Deep Red Hatchet Murders is one of his best and stars the dreamy David Hemmings, best known as the arrogant photographer in Blow Up. If you’ve never seen it, I must warn that there is a bit of a spoiler in the images after the jump.

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bracelet violet books

master of shadows  violet books

The treasure trove of gorgeous, vintage dust jackets of supernatural, fantasy, western, adventure and mystery novels to gaze upon on the exhaustive website Violet Books is remarkable. I’ve posted a mere small portion of my favorites here, please take a look at the original website for many more.

Click here to see the rest of Book Covers, Beautiful Book Covers

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carnival de las bestias

This is going to the top of my Netflix queue.

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night shift

This is the copy of Night Shift I had growing up. Subsequent covers are not nearly as cool.

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