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rita hayworth

So lovely.

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Surrounded by his hair creations.

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Wild style hairdo, layers of pink brocade, big shoulders and more flauntable jewelry than you can shake a stick at – I’ll take everything but the cigarette please.
Italian Vogue March, 2009.

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monks promo

monks haircut

A bunch of GIs in Germany formed a rock band, shaved their heads to match their name: The Monks, and made some pretty good music. Full review over at Brix Picks of the album Black Monk Time.

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pretty poufs modern salon

“Call them what you will – pretty poufs, braided buns, merry muffs — these coif-accessories provide a plus for your hairdo. Ask your hairstylist to show you a little hairpiece magic.”
Modern Salon Styles 1972, Published by Modern Beauty Shop Magazine Chicago, IL

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