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boris vallejo soap 1981

by Boris Vallejo.

Posted by: on November 18th, 2009 | Tagged with: , | Comments (2)

creepy #145

Click below to see an eyeball tentacle! an ominous title! and a halloween mask that looks like the gross old Six Flags man!

Click here to see the rest of Creepy #145

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michael hague

Today is my dad’s birthday – and appropriately, I found this illustration he did for a Father’s Day card. Love you dad! See more of his brilliant work below and after the jump.

michael hague

Click here to see the rest of Happy Birthday Dad

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OK, so I have to respond to Jim’s last post about sexy CGI because I found a Star Wars message board with a bunch of sexy CGI Star Wars “babes.” I feel a special connection with Star Wars, because my name is Luke, and because I love red and green girls in bikinis. May the force be with you!

Also, here is a link to the website of the guy who makes all of this “art.”


Posted by: on June 16th, 2009 | Tagged with: , , | Comments (2)

displacer beast

The displacer beast “a puma-like creature with six legs and two tentacles growing from its shoulders” that “always appears to be three feet away from its actual position” is one of the only rare creatures we’ve encountered in D&D. We made a cloak of invisibility out of its hide.

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molly hatchet tour tee shirt

World Disaster Tour, 1980.

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White Wolf - Standing Alone

Please note the original sticker on the plastic wrap: DO NOT PLAY DURING A FULL MOON.

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The Lotus Caves by John Christopher

That John Christopher sure could inspire illustrators. I’m afraid I don’t know who the artist is in this case.

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Man, Myth and Magic: Title Page

Man, Myth and Magic: Black Magic and Witchcraft

Growing up, this was far and away the book that I perused the most. My parents, for whatever reason, stopped collecting after volume 3 but, as soon as I got my first disposable income, I purchased the entire set on eBay for like $35; right after I bought a Genesis (Power Base Converter included) and a Phantasy Star II cartridge.

Click here to see the rest of Man, Myth & Magic – Volume 1

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frank frazetta moon maid

This is why I got into art when I was little.

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