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World-famous and dearly beloved photographic exhibit curated by Luxembourg native Edward Steichen.  First shown in 1955 at the Museum of Modern Art in NY, it traveled the world and was viewed by more than 9 million people in 38 countries.  The only surviving edition is on display in Clervaux, Luxembourg.

“According to Steichen, the exhibition represented the ‘culmination of his career’. The 503 photos by 273 photographers in 68 countries were selected from almost 2 million pictures submitted by famous and unknown photographers. These photos offer a striking snapshot of the human experience that lingers on birth, love, and joy, but also touches war, privation, illness and death. His intention was to prove visually the universality of human experience and photography’s role in its documentation.” – from wikipedia.

You can see all the images reproduced in a book of the same name, but there’s something special about viewing these images in public with a group of people.  It’s an emotional sine wave and at the finish, you feel a profound sense of camaraderie for the group of perfect strangers you have shared the experience with.

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