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Michele Bachmann's Head Doesn't Move!!!
These photos were taken two years apart. I didn’t photoshop her face, just animate them together. In two years her face didn’t move, I swear she’s like a playmobile figure. You can just turn her head to the “photo” setting!

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I found this while looking through boxes in my parents basement a few years back before they moved.  I suppose I must have owned it as a child, but it most likely haunted my days and continued to haunt me into the night by way of my dreams.  This is most likely the reason I placed it in an old pencil box and it ended up unloved buried in the basement.

Normally games are enjoyable, and even unwanted toys can be fun (remember the island of misfit toys, well ok a train with square wheels and a cowboy who rides are ostrich might not be fun, but at least still amusing) however, this toy is not meant for the eyes of children (pun intended).   But it has now found a second life as that loving object with the awesome imagery I like to view to remember that there is evil out in the world, and that evil is in the shape of a eyeless girl and with her suited pet demon frog, and they are too blind to see their eyes rolling around right below their noses.

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Creepy #63 from Warren Publishing

Story by Bruce Jones, art by Bernie Wrightson

Dario Argento made a 60min adaptation for the Masters of Horror TV series called Jennifer. Though far and away the best contribution to the series, it’s pretty clunky and does not haunt the viewer long after watching as many of his films do. But to be fair, it was made for TV and the first shot of Jennifer’s face is masterfully framed and suitably creepy. There are some epic monster-on-man sex scenes that leave one very confused indeed.

Many thanks to David Zuzelo of HorrorBlog for posting this out-of-print comic.

Click here to see the rest of Creepy #63

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