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Les Cités Obscures


A couple of years back on a trip to Montreal, I was searching through a bookstore there and came across this amazingly beautiful comic book. I took 5 years of french, but even reading a Tin Tin comic is a bit hard for me, since they are written for above a 3rd grade level. However I bought the comic, not understanding 90% of it. But I wanted to know more. Over the years I’ve collected a few of these volumes from random french speaking areas (canada, france, belgium), which I found out were part of a series called “Les Cités Obscures” created by a Belgian artist named François Schuiten. By now I’ve been able to get the gist of the stores about a distant land and its collection of independent city states each with a unique style, but honestly a lot of the plots are still a mystery to me.

I knew these weren’t very popular in the states, but recently I’ve found out only a couple of these hard bound comics have been reprinted in english, however I’ve stuck to picking up a french version every now and then, its makes it more of an adventure for me to translate it, and more time to admire the illustrations.

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Creepy #63 from Warren Publishing

Story by Bruce Jones, art by Bernie Wrightson

Dario Argento made a 60min adaptation for the Masters of Horror TV series called Jennifer. Though far and away the best contribution to the series, it’s pretty clunky and does not haunt the viewer long after watching as many of his films do. But to be fair, it was made for TV and the first shot of Jennifer’s face is masterfully framed and suitably creepy. There are some epic monster-on-man sex scenes that leave one very confused indeed.

Many thanks to David Zuzelo of HorrorBlog for posting this out-of-print comic.

Click here to see the rest of Creepy #63

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Crime Suspenstories Cover

Crime Suspenstories Cover

Crime Suspenstories Cover

See more precode horror and crime comics at

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This comic is all over the interweb, but that’s because it’s AWESOME. By the way, has anyone seen Garfield 2, A Tale of Two Kitties?

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