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Count Duckula Cover with Geraldo

Remember when Count Duckula met Geraldo? I know, how can anyone forget that one.

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My favorite artist, Dina Kelberman, has a new comic for Tiny Mix Tapes called Best Friends. Love her other work from her own website


853-3-12-09 Click here to see the rest of Dina Kelberman – Important Comics

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rex havoc and the asskickers of the fantastic

from the magazine 1984, Feb. 1979. An “adult” fantasy publication that ironically went bankrupt before it ever saw the year 1984. As for this particular comic, man  what a title. If some budding band out there didn’t just find their new stage name, I have failed. See “the SPUD” after the jump – it’s actually a pretty great drawing.

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backcover richard sala evil eye
Illustration by Richard Sala.

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creepy #145

Click below to see an eyeball tentacle! an ominous title! and a halloween mask that looks like the gross old Six Flags man!

Click here to see the rest of Creepy #145

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Black Hole by Charles Burns - Issue Number 3, front cover

Not too, too long ago, Charles Burns’s amazing Black Hole was compiled into a single volume. It’s a book I highly recommend picking up especially if, like me, you missed a few issues. The only downside is that the collected Black Hole does not feature the color cover art, which is a huge bummer because the high contrast style Burns works in can really become overwhelming when you’re plowing through dozens of pages in a single sitting; it would have been an excellent idea to include the color work just to break the book up a bit. Oh well,  I’m sure budget considerations had something to do with it… anyway, here are the front and back covers from the six issues I have here at home.

Black Hole by Charles Burns - Issue Number 3, back cover

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Secret Wars #4
Brandon’s recent Justice League of America post starting me thinking about my first comic. I remember getting it back in 1984 at the old Frank’s Luncheonette around the corner from house growing up. It was a copy of secret wars #4, which I still own to this day. Looking back at it, its a pretty awesome cover with all the action taking place on that strip on the bottom 1/3 of the cover. As the needless but awesome text on the cover says “Beneath one Hundred and Fifty tons stand the Hulk —- and he’s not happy!”. A lot of the secret wars series was drawn by Mike Zeck (although not this issue), who I now remember meeting at a comic convention at a holiday inn when I was in high school or junior high.

75 cents well spent! (plus it was my first ever glimpse of that awesome 80’s mohawk Storm had, that you can see in the upper left hand corner)

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GI Cartoon

GI Cartoon

Purchased at The Brimfield Market from the amazing vendor I profiled here. These were funny comics you’d send to your boys over seas with the intention to embarrass him a bit in from of the other soldiers with a very large lady on the envelope. This is the first of four very prized possessions. I love the drawing style.

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