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Serge Gainsbourg

I feel like it’s underused, underrated and generally under appreciated; here are two songs that I’m hoping will change all that.

Serge Gainsbourg’s Lunatic Asylum, the exciting finale to the amazing L’ Homme a Tete De Chou

Play Lunatic Asylum

and Ennio Morricone’s Rapimento In Campo Aperto, from the recently complied (by Mike Patton) Crime and Dissonance.

Play In Campo Aperto

I also want to point out that Snoopy plays a mean Jew’s Harp, listen as you (finally) learn how to properly spell believe.

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Don't Look Now Little Girl

Little red raincoat and impending disaster.

Don't Look Now Slide


Indelible and unique, Don’t Look Now is a subtle horror film set in Venice by Nicholas Roeg gets under your skin and stays there. In essentially a story of loss and grief, Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie play a couple who have lost their daughter and continue to be haunted by the loss.

Roeg develops a foreboding gradual pace as the metaphysical world imposes on reality. Dreamlike scenes perfectly convey that inscrutable feeling of fear and dread you sense sometimes but can’t say why.

Click here to see the rest of Don’t Look Now

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Theresa Russell Jeweled Top Bad Timing

Theresa Russell seduces Art Garfunkle, of all people, with a bejeweled bodice in Bad Timing.

Theresa Russell Dots in Bad Timing

Dots on her shirt and ears, purple eyeshadow, and a great updo.

Bad Timing is a 1980 film directed by Nicholas Roeg starring Theresa Russell, Art Garfunkle and Harvey Keitel. It’s been called, “a sick film made by sick people for sick people” (by its own UK distributor), but it’s also praised as a forgotten drama about obsession and, for my money, it’s one of the most stylish films around. Criterion recently released it on DVD. Even more inspirational hairdos and accessories after the jump.

Click here to see the rest of Bad Timing

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