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If this isn’t the most awesome stadium intro video ever made, i don’t know what is! I guess the Alaska Nanooks are the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ ice hockey team. I also take it, they are awesome.

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Christmas Hottie

Christmas Hottie

Halloween Bloodbath

Halloween Bloodbath

Looking to make my own gift wrap this holiday season, I casually typed “holiday paper” into Google and I was more richly rewarded than I ever thought possible.  This truly excellent sexy CGI wall paper is available for free at this AWESOME website.  You can deliciously squander hours of time searching through their endless offerings.  And they’re all thoughtfully SFW! Check out some of my other favorites after the jump. Earnest apologies for violating the Sexy CGI embargo.

Click here to see the rest of Sexy CGI – Part III, Holiday Edition

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Luke unearthed some amazing images the other day, images so intoxicating that I’m compelled to respond with a few more. As always, Fotolia proved to be a bountiful resource.

CGI Boozer

CGI Leprechaun

CGI Razor Scooter

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OK, so I have to respond to Jim’s last post about sexy CGI because I found a Star Wars message board with a bunch of sexy CGI Star Wars “babes.” I feel a special connection with Star Wars, because my name is Luke, and because I love red and green girls in bikinis. May the force be with you!

Also, here is a link to the website of the guy who makes all of this “art.”


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Sexy CGI Girl

Sexy CGI Girl

Unlike some of us (I’m looking at you, LB), I prefer my CGI titillating, not actually pornographic. I don’t know about you, but for me, the textural rendering of a thong riding up a crazy looking thing’s butt does things to my hormones that an actual woman’s backside never will… And besides, I’d rather leave the working bits of weird cartoon girl anatomy to my imagination, not that these images really leave that option open.

Fotolia artists caironbohemio and John Denison provide the visual fuel for my fantasies.

Sexy CGI Girl

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