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Again, I don’t have any pictures of myself with anyone of note. HOWEVER, I found this picture on a blog somewhere and I think it’s AWESOME. The look on the kid’s face is priceless. I wish there was a picture of me like this, pining for an angry movie star with a lame tattoo.


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fabio and me

Fabio and I met, rather romantically, at Media Play, under the soft glare of florescent lights, surrounded by a surging crowd of women waiting to get their Pirate, Viking, and Rogue novels sign. The man is a saint by the way, and while sipping from what looks like both a red and white glass of wine, stayed for hours until every last fan had the chance to meet him.

Want to fall further in love with the man that was once hit in the face with a bird AND hosted the unfairly forgotten gem, Mr. Romance? Please listen to his expert advice on love here (scroll to the bottom of the page) from the PHENOMINAL album Fabio After Dark.

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Ive been hoarding images for the last few years. Displaying them in their themes seems like the only way to organize the copious amount of images. Enjoy some odd celebrity illustrations and portraits.

Goddess Dolly Parton

Goddess Dolly Parton

Sigh...Steve Martin

Sigh...Steve Martin

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