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An amazing collection of kid’s cat art from The Small Art Teacher Blog

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catwomen shopping. hostess niece got a new job.

I found this cat postcard at the giant Brimfield antique market in MA. Normally I’m amused by anthropomorphic cat woman alone. However this card has more to offer. These catwomen (i especially am fond of the one with the purple “wig”) are shopping for what looks like sewing patterns (?) while they have their children tied to them with harnesses. A group of mice escape, harnesses are tangled, feline feet in high heels are tripped and wackiness ensues. But the true gem for me about this postcard is the combo of the front image and the note to aunt margaret on the back. Her niece writes to her to thank her for all she’s done and tell she about her new job at a restaurant, that serves all sorts of things she has never heard of like crab and shrimp. She tried the stuffed sole today. She didn’t like it.

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tip toe tongue

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lanvin cat lady

lanvin cat lady

While you’re likely to see these ravishing photos on many fashion blogs, but I can’t resist putting them here too because nothing gets me more excited than sexy cat ladies.

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bjorn wiinblad poster

bjorn wiinblad poster

bjorn wiinblad poster

This lovely and giant poster was a gracious gift from my sister. It’s a print by Danish artist Bjorn Wiinblad.

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Saw Li Edelkoort speak at Trend Union today. Was inspired to pull up an old inspiration collage re: gray that I had done for a trend blog that never materialized.

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georgie and francie

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