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These are from the National Archives collection of Flip Schulke’s photos for the 1971-1977 Documerica EPA Project.

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Sandy’s French cuffed broadcloth shirt rules, not to mention his animal print skivvies. Click on image for zoom.

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Click here to see the rest of Portraits of Edward

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more incredible drawings here

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I am not sure where I found this photo but it is titled “Marlon” and Marlon is awesome.

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At-At for America

So the folks over at “AT-AT for America” have a plan to build a 70ft tall real life working version of the beloved impiral walkers. Their reasoning for doing it it’s just geekdom, it’s to prove the greatest of america. They have an open letter to President Obama, a pay-pal donation site and eventually a Kickstarter campaign. As ludicrous as this sounds, the 6 year old boy in me who watched Empire Strikes Back at the drive-in and couldn’t wait to go home and play with his Han Solo figure in the snow, really wants this to become a reality.

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Greenpoint Trip-Lock Cribs

Ah “Good Furniture Magazine”. Who knew the Greenpoint Metallic Bed Co. on Franklin Street in my neighborhood of Greenpoint Brooklyn, made such quality Trip-Lock cribs. Notice the mom in high heels “tripping” the locks on this crib as her other son Buster Brown looks on. I suppose these cribs would have been recalled if they were still made. Maybe I will still try and send for their “Free Electrotype Service”.

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