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Don't Look Now Little Girl

Little red raincoat and impending disaster.

Don't Look Now Slide


Indelible and unique, Don’t Look Now is a subtle horror film set in Venice by Nicholas Roeg gets under your skin and stays there. In essentially a story of loss and grief, Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie play a couple who have lost their daughter and continue to be haunted by the loss.

Roeg develops a foreboding gradual pace as the metaphysical world imposes on reality. Dreamlike scenes perfectly convey that inscrutable feeling of fear and dread you sense sometimes but can’t say why.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie

I love this lounging dress, it looks so comfy and motherly.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie

Christie with her lovely ash blond hair mixing tweed and checks.

Don't Look Now Donald Sutherland

Donald in shades of brown.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland

Christie and Sutherland in Venice with equally great coats.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie

Rumor has it that the sex scene was not fake.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie

Such a pretty face, she doesn’t even need that Mary Quant mascara.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie and Old Women

Trio of interesting outerwear.

Don't Look Now Shoes

A great shot.

Don't Look Now Room

I love this room.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie

Loose bun, black gloves, and contemplation.

Don't Look Now Julie Christie

A vision of mourning.

Don't Look Now Sutherland

Blue and brights, beautiful.

Don't Look Now Legs

Avant garde stylings of a crazy woman.

Don't Look Now Creepy Eyes


Don't Look Now Julie Christie

Great hat and scarf for cool days in Venice.

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