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Richard Brautigan - The Abortion

Richard Brautigan - The Revenge of the Lawn

Richard Brautigan - The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster

Love him or hate him, the covers of Brautigan’s books were always pretty awesome. I love how the author himself frequently appeared, and the kind of Belle and Sebastianesque quality the photos of the pretty girls (Marcia Pacaud amid the rubble, Sherry Vetter with the birthday cake, Michaela Le Grand in front of the Ben Franklin statue, Hilda Hoffman beside Brautigan on In Watermelon Sugar, Victoria Domalgoski on the steps of the library, Beverly Allen in the sand box) have — not that I’m implying that Stuart Murdoch was influenced by (initially) anything other than The Smith’s album covers.

In Watermelon Sugar is a really far out book, and the idea of a graphic artist attempting any kind of representational cover art… I just can’t imagine it would be quite as successful as the image below:

Richard Brautigan - In Watermelon Sugar

Richard Brautigan - Trout Fishing in America

Richad Brautigan - Rommel Drives on Deep Into Egypt

Richard Brautigan Boxed Set

I’m afraid I don’t have a copy of Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt in the house; the image on this post comes from the awesome collection of Robert Nelson.

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  • Randall
    8:55 pm on
    September 5, 2009

    Hear Hear man this guy was as creative and mad as they get, love his writing to say the least. And props to this posting, His covers are perfect.


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