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"Sam" and "Sam" Undercover in Silk Stalkings

‘Sam’ and ‘Sam’ undercover in one of the many times they get into a potentially dangerous sexual situation by employing overplayed Southern accents, lycra zipper dresses, and shiny shirts.

Silk Stalking Dispatchers in a Submarine

In Florida, the police dispatchers answer calls in stylized submarines.

Perhaps you remember a little late night (‘crime time after prime time’, to be specific) guilty pleasure called Silk Stalkings? My mom and I used to watch it all the time and I thought a revisit to the 1991 tight skirts and shoulder pads series might be in order for this week.

Silk Stalkings intro with Hat Lady and Briefcase

Intro sequence is a series of stock photography type shots of ladies in tight dresses carrying briefcases…

Silk Stalkings Intro with Gun and Stalkings

Hiding guns in their lacey top stalkings…

A Blonde in Hot Pink in Silk Stalkings Intro

and peering out of their Oakleys in hot pink.

Mitzi Kapture

It stars a woman named Mitzi Kapture

Rob Estes

and the man with the best agent in Hollywood (next to Stephen Weber), Rob Estes.

A woman shots a gun in Silk Stalkings

Freeze turkey, this manicure is made for murder!

Rob Estes Z Cavaricci on Silk Stalkings

Hello, Z. Cavaricci? Thanks for the outfit!

Rita Lee in Canary Yellow and a Bra Top

“Ok, I got my bra top on, what do you need me to do with it?”

Captain Upset on Silk Stalkings

The Captain can’t believe the design of the police office.

Scrunchy City on Silk Stalkings

Scrunchie City, let Mitzi take you there.

Bet She's Sexy Once Those Glasses Are Off

Mitzi aka Rita Lee’s foe is, of course, a by the book D.A. who is only a head toss and eye glass removal away from a Van Halen video.

Art Direction on the Beach Silk Stalkings

The art direction has flashes of surreal genius. Here a beach is reimagined perfectly for an airbrush artist to go wild.

Rita Lee in Lame on Silk Stalkings

Rita Lee calls her partner while wearing gold lame.

Wild Coroners Room in Silk Stalkings

Not a great shot but it’s worth pointing out that this room, with the faux marble walls and the four poster bed adorned with maroon organza bows is, in fact, the coroner’s office – note the dead foot in the corner.

What the detectives wear to work in Silk Stalkings

This is what they wear to work. Looking like a Fashion Bug hooker with a Frederick’s of Hollywood face, Mitzi is actually wearing an outfit similar to one my friend Dana wore to a dance in Junior High… I’ll search for photos.

A Dominatrix Apartment on Silk Stalkings

Interior: Dominatrix’s apartment, weird stuff hangs from the walls, a cursed black tree grows from the carpet.

Rita Lee's Duran Duran Video Apartment

This is where detective Rita Lee lives. I assume she rents it out to Duran Duran to make videos in on weekends.

Dude in the Middle is a Suspect on Silk Stalkings

The guy in the middle is a murder suspect. He is nabbed at “college” – my guess is that Florida has weight lifting “college”.

Silk Stalkings Hot Pink Sky

If the Silk Stalkings art direction team wants the sky to be pink, then pink it shall be!

A piano bar on Silk Stalkings

A piano bar with limited seating and visibility.

Rob Estes Vacant Eyes

Estes has no idea what you’re saying to him.

Jazzy Informant on Silk Stalkings

This is one jazzy informant.

Groovy Sex Club on Silk Stalkings

A sex club called Nightmare Cafe.

She wants to take you to the basement Silk Stalkings

More bra tops, more trips to the basement for sex.

Stylized Basement Dungeon Silk Stalkings

And here’s that basement for sex.

Police Office Mural

Perhaps my favorite work of art direction: a mural in the police station that at first appears to be a painting of a screen saver but, once it’s shown in close up, actually depicts a jazz man holding the hand of a child’s ghost!

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  • Ashleigh
    10:29 am on
    March 28, 2009

    Oh wow! Clearly I missed out.


  • Cody
    11:41 am on
    April 2, 2009

    I think I used to watch this late at night, by myself, when I was 13, and my modem was acting up, and my mom set the browsing filter on my computer . . . . . Good, but no “red shoe diaries”


  • Danny
    2:36 pm on
    June 16, 2009

    If I didn’t know this had actually happened, I don’t think I would believe it. This must be the ultimate self-caricature of the ’90s.

    I mean, “Mitzi Kapture”? Really? Yowzers.


  • Sunnie
    12:22 pm on
    July 12, 2009

    Awesome! I see a YouTube search in my future.


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