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On the right are Mike's Mom and Luke's Dad, 30 years before Luke and Mike met.

On the right are Mike's mom and Luke's dad, 30 years before Luke and Mike met.

From the early sixties to the late eighties, my grandparents ran a riding stable business in upstate NY called the “Circle B.” My dad and my uncle were the child/slave labor/employees. My grandfather only advertised in one newspaper, which I think was called the “Long Island Catholic.”

In 1996, I went off to college and met Mike Stermer. We were roomates for three years during school, and two years after. At our college graduation, Mike found out that his grandparents (who were from Long Island) had stayed at the Circle B several times in the sixties. A couple years later, Mike found this picture; on the right is Mike’s mom (on the horse) and my dad (with the cowboy hat).

Coincidence? Or FATE?

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