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dischord barcelona

Started the day walking by the Block of Discord. This is Gaudi’s Casa Batllo.

barcelona foie and eggs

Then it was pure decadence with foie gras and eggs at a small restaurant hidden in a deli called Matequeria Ravell, through the kitchen and up some stairs.

sagrada familia barcelona

The amazing Sagrada Familia under construction.

barcelona park guell cruces

Las Tres Cruces in the Park Guell, where we spent most of the day…

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barcelona tapas menu

Turns out, by the looks of this menu, I don’t know any Spanish at all. So I just guessed when it came to ordering.

barcelona artichoke tapas

Fried artichokes at Tapac 24.

barcelona tapas black calamari

Best dish of the day: black calamari rings.

 barcelona tv german darts

Netflix instant does not work outside the US, did you know that? So we fell asleep watching German dart championships.

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cassie merchantile

cassie merchantile

Cassie Merchantile is a spectacular appointment only vintage inspiration shop in London that I was happy to have had the chance to visit last February.

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Logee’s Greenhouse in Danielson, CT is one of the most magical places on the East Coast, maybe Earth.  Here’s what they say about themselves, all true:

Since 1892, the Logee-Martin family has been growing and selling over a thousand varieties of tropical container plants for home and garden. We are the exclusive source of many varieties, both heirloom and new introductions. Cross the threshold of our greenhouses and prepare to enter into another world.

Hear the trickling sounds of the water garden, see lemons the size of grapefruits on the 108 year-old Ponderosa Lemon Tree, then take a deep breath of divinely fragrant air as you meander through lush vegetation. Whether you’re shopping for beautiful plants or just have a desire to surround yourself in beauty, come to Logee’s, we promise it’s worth the trip.”

If you are ever in the area, don’t pass through without visiting Logee’s.  It really is a special place.  These photos were taken by a friend with whom I recently made the pilgrimage.  Photos after the jump are by the excellent photographer Karl Gercens.  Be sure to check out his other work.  He is an avid garden photographer who has documented flora all over the world.

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These are paintings from a bridge in Luzern, Switzerland that is supposed to be the oldest wooden bridge in Europe…there are probably over 100 of these triangular skeleton paintings from the 16th century…creepy!





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Magic Forest Lake George NY
no other words are really needed.
buggerer. Magic Forest Lake George NY
behind every good man, is another good man (or elf)

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boobs table dance
be sure to visit my favorite club “Boobs, Table Dance”. Oddly enough it might be a bingo parlor, but i’m not 100% sure.

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These displays were incredible, but the old guy was a crank.


Waving hello.


Costume jewelry is king.


Bright beads.

Brimfield Market is an overwhelming, huge affair in central Mass. The next one takes place July 14-19. In the course of the four hours we spent there, we picked up some pretty neat items, including this demon/naked lady mug and some amazing vintage novelties.

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I love getting postcards.

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