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1990. The model is female body builder, Athena.

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My first bachelorette party experience left me with a lot of memories and these fine souvenirs.  The kind folks at Hunk*Mania translate your US Mint dollars into these just as widely circulated Hunk Bucks. Made of Tyvek for durability, they still bear the stains of many a wild night out. Cant tell if these have been stained with lipstick, cosmo cocktail or shit from the ass of a stripper.

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cavalcade 1968 magazine

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flying centaur

Boris Vallejo, 1980

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playboy 1971 gala wear

Playboy – Dec. 1971. See more casual gala wear after the jump.

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honest, this is not a joke. this was a real post from a real woman. i know with the bad grammar that its a little hard to follow. i think the only thing that is a lie is that her and her husband don’t do drugs, cause otherwise, there’s a gas leak at their house. wow. i mean wow.

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Christmas Hottie

Christmas Hottie

Halloween Bloodbath

Halloween Bloodbath

Looking to make my own gift wrap this holiday season, I casually typed “holiday paper” into Google and I was more richly rewarded than I ever thought possible.  This truly excellent sexy CGI wall paper is available for free at this AWESOME website.  You can deliciously squander hours of time searching through their endless offerings.  And they’re all thoughtfully SFW! Check out some of my other favorites after the jump. Earnest apologies for violating the Sexy CGI embargo.

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The details of the “Frat” house get together are fascinating: the ceramic poodle, the paddle at the ready, and the man on the far right looking strangely pantless but with a bumper sticker on his butt. I think “Jackie”, the “Shady Lady” is Wow! about to witness something very bizarre in the wood paneled room.

From Escapade Magazine, July 1960.

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