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twilight zone return of wulfstein

Entertaining insides after the jump!

Click here to see the rest of Twilight Zone, The Return of Wulfstein!

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1950’s reproduction of a kid-friendly calico.

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ladies sex appeal chart

Purchased from the Brimfield Market vintage novelty gift vendor.

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Wow Stein - Alliance

Everyone knows I loathe the Horde and this amazing stein, a marvelous gift I received for my last birthday, just reinforces my allegiance to the Alliance.

Wow Stein - Alliance: Night Elf

Click here to see the rest of WoW Alliance Beer Stein

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These are paintings from a bridge in Luzern, Switzerland that is supposed to be the oldest wooden bridge in Europe…there are probably over 100 of these triangular skeleton paintings from the 16th century…creepy!





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GI Cartoon

GI Cartoon

Purchased at The Brimfield Market from the amazing vendor I profiled here. These were funny comics you’d send to your boys over seas with the intention to embarrass him a bit in from of the other soldiers with a very large lady on the envelope. This is the first of four very prized possessions. I love the drawing style.

Click here to see the rest of The World Famous Newswheel GI Cartoons Vol. 1

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Jim Steranko signed this for me last year at Comicon… while looking dashing in a white double breasted suit. Love.

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The Paisley Bird site and my write up on Brix Picks.

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providence mug

providence mug

providence mug

A wonderful gift from my Providence friends.

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A jaunty bulldog brooch with one questioning red eye.

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