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chorizo pumpkin pizza

If I could transport myself any place tomorrow, I’d be back at the Story Deli and beautiful shop in London, having crispy chorizo and pumpkin pizza with my friend Dana and her adorable baby Bea.


The amazing concept store run by Anne Shore. Read more here.

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best pic ever of me

As my first ever post, I present my most fav picture of me. My little sister was pissed at all my bday attention, and after changing into her leotard and dancing around the room didnt work, she blew out my birthday candles. I was not happy. Too bad you can’t see the awesome green white and black harem pants I was wearing.

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molly hatchet tour tee shirt

World Disaster Tour, 1980.

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Vintage mini dress, no label, 1960s.

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marc graffiti print

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spring time gloves

Spring is finally here. These appropriate gloves were found at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and the necklace, I believe, belonged to my eccentrically fashionable Grandma King.

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Alfredo's Wife Cat Patch Skirt

Alfredo's Wife Cat Patch Skirt

This is a great vintage patchwork skirt that never fails to get noticed. The label reads Alfredo’s Wife,¬† which¬† I thought was a custom made label for a very crafty annonymous woman in Arizona, but I found out that Alfredo’s wife is Ava Dering. Read more about her here.

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Christian Lacroix Skirt

A great and crazy print from designer Christian Lacroix‘s Bazar line.
Click here to see the rest of Wild Christian Lacroix Print

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This graces the back of my favorite jean jacket. I picked it up at the always amazing Luke’s Records for like $15.

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