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I held onto these Meatloaf sized handmade Poison jackets (that I imagined once belonged to the toughest, brutest Bret Micheal fan girls ever) for as long as reasonable. But, as we purge for our baby’s arrival, they were donated to Beacons Closet but not before I took copious photos to share with you all, of course. Let these images inspire you to make your own homemade fan wear. It’s an art we tend to abandon after adolescence, but it would be kind of awesome to see thirty-somethings on the train wearing studded and puff painted This American Life or Chris Ware jean jackets.

Do you still have any hand made clothing or accessories? Please share in the comments!

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While going through storage I found this tiny Cyndi Lauper tee that I wore as a tot. She was a huge influence and I am amazed that I have managed to hold onto this tattered old tee for so long – and very glad I have!

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Vintage dimensional dress with crazy bead work. Makes me look like a hot pink marshmallow, but is incredible regardless.

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Found at Fille de Joie

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1900 walking suit silk lining

It’s hard to capture to vibrancy of this silk pattern that lines a walking jacket from 1900. I wish it wasn’t too fragile to wear.

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vibrant plaids

Who’s with me?

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One year, on a trip to South Carolina, my family stopped in the Smokey Mountains…more specifically Gatlinburg…even more specifically…Pigeon Forge…Tennessee. It was there that my father bought a novelty t-shirt similar to this one, however, his shirt claimed that he ran into Tammy Faye in “the smokies”. That shirt was given away years ago but if anyone sees it or sees the above shirt, please let me know. There’s a sizable cash reward.

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wild sears dress

wild sears dress

Can you imagine walking into Sears and finding something this wildly awesome today?

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Visit this comprehensive body-art blog for more self-decorating ideas.

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