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found here

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kirk and his stalagtite
i kid you not that is the name of this episode where Kirk breaks off a piece of stalagtite to beat up a giant android pretending to be a woman.

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found here

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found here

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These are from the National Archives collection of Flip Schulke’s photos for the 1971-1977 Documerica EPA Project.

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I am not sure where I found this photo but it is titled “Marlon” and Marlon is awesome.

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Greenpoint Trip-Lock Cribs

Ah “Good Furniture Magazine”. Who knew the Greenpoint Metallic Bed Co. on Franklin Street in my neighborhood of Greenpoint Brooklyn, made such quality Trip-Lock cribs. Notice the mom in high heels “tripping” the locks on this crib as her other son Buster Brown looks on. I suppose these cribs would have been recalled if they were still made. Maybe I will still try and send for their “Free Electrotype Service”.

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