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Amazing cover art, found here

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Some info I found here:

“The best-known example of fin-de-siècle decadence, this novel has been banned and expurgated for years. (We suggest that readers not undertake this book until they have attained the age of 65!) A translation by Robert Baldick (“Against Nature”) in the Penguin series is convenient to read and widely available, but we now present a public domain English translation on the World Wide Web, as part of our project to prepare for the coming millennium. A version in the original French is now online at ABU: la Bibliothèque Universelle. (Look for Huysmans under “auteurs”.)”


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Sandy’s French cuffed broadcloth shirt rules, not to mention his animal print skivvies. Click on image for zoom.

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found here

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At a wedding reception a couple of months ago I wound up in a conversation about the importance of adventure and module cover art – it simply cannot be understated! Seeing those thin, plastic-wrapped books in toy stores or on revolving racks at such dearly-departed hobby shops as Eric Fuch’s and Citadel Games was a huge part of what drew me into the game.

I’ve been collecting jpgs on my desktop for awhile (though I’d really love to collect the books themselves) and have put together a survey of the B-series (published between 1979 and 1989). While it’s unnecessary to define ‘Basic’ vs ‘Advanced’ D&D right now, just note that when playing Dungeons and Dragons, ‘Advanced’ is really the way to go… though these Basic modules do have pretty sweet covers.

Click here to see the rest of D&D Adventure Art: B-Series

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from the book Y?kai Daizukai by Shigeru Mizuki. Found at Pink Tentacle.

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One about science fairs – by Radio Shack.

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