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I was researching vintage children’s clothes on ebay, when I came across this haunting mannequin wearing a fab fur headband. The seller is one “elliemay61”, and she’s got some great vintage finds along with the creepiest and coolest mannequin around.

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Found these amazing embroideries from Flying Haystack. See more after the jump.

Click here to see the rest of Creepy Cool Embroidery from Flying Haystack

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marlene dietrich apartment

marlene dietrich apartment

From Nest Magazine Fall 2002: “993 Park Ave #12E was the only real estate Marlene Dietrich ever owned – hotels and dressing rooms suited her. This place was called home for two decades, during the star’s remarkable second career as a globe trotting live performer. In 1978 she retired to Paris and some rented rooms, in 1992 to a grave near her mother in Berlin. 12E remained unsold, untouched. These photos were taken shortly before its contents were dispersed at auction in 1997.”

Click here to see the rest of Marlene Deitrich Slept Here

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Photobooths vintage pictures

I lost this ebay item years and years ago but have kept the photo hidden on my desktop all this time.

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ladies sex appeal chart

Purchased from the Brimfield Market vintage novelty gift vendor.

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uncommon objects

uncommon objects

Taken about a year ago at my favorite store in Austin, TX – Uncommon Objects – possibly the most aesthetically pleasing place to browse on Earth.

Click here to see the rest of Uncommon Objects

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macaulay art

Signed by the artist, Macaulay C. Culkin.


In response to Jessica’s excellent post about the decorating prowess of James Brown, here are some fabulous art itemsĀ  from the Neverland Ranch estate auction.

These images are from the official auction website, but they don’t do justice to the scale and insanity of the collection. This Flikrtographer had far more success with his clandestine shots.


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bjorn wiinblad poster

bjorn wiinblad poster

bjorn wiinblad poster

This lovely and giant poster was a gracious gift from my sister. It’s a print by Danish artist Bjorn Wiinblad.

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giant robot print show

giant robot print show

At 437 E 9th St, go to find lots of affordable and bright art for your walls.

Click here to see the rest of Giant Robot Print Show

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An ebay item that slipped between my grasp a few months back.

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