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The sixties offer so many forgotten bands, like the Canadian psychedelic group, The Paupers – who loved them some chess. I am curious to know what was included in the Fan Club package (arriving via rush delivery).

They had a few modest hits, upstaged Jefferson Airplane, and played at the Monterey Pop Festival. Here’s a Friday song bonus of theirs called “If I Told My Baby” which I quite like:

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While going through storage I found this tiny Cyndi Lauper tee that I wore as a tot. She was a huge influence and I am amazed that I have managed to hold onto this tattered old tee for so long – and very glad I have!

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A drink I had just last week at a place in Long Island City called Dutch Kills Bar. It was called the Von Trapp. And it was delightful.

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Click on this awesome album cover and watch an even more awesome dance routine.

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One of the very first hair meta bands.

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flying album cover japan

flying album cover japan

I found and fell in love with these images but had no idea who the band was. With some investigating, I found the name Sadistic Mika Band and am completely intrigued. Must learn/hear more…

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