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Secret Wars #4
Brandon’s recent Justice League of America post starting me thinking about my first comic. I remember getting it back in 1984 at the old Frank’s Luncheonette around the corner from house growing up. It was a copy of secret wars #4, which I still own to this day. Looking back at it, its a pretty awesome cover with all the action taking place on that strip on the bottom 1/3 of the cover. As the needless but awesome text on the cover says “Beneath one Hundred and Fifty tons stand the Hulk —- and he’s not happy!”. A lot of the secret wars series was drawn by Mike Zeck (although not this issue), who I now remember meeting at a comic convention at a holiday inn when I was in high school or junior high.

75 cents well spent! (plus it was my first ever glimpse of that awesome 80’s mohawk Storm had, that you can see in the upper left hand corner)

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  • Brandon
    11:36 am on
    August 25, 2009

    i totally had secret wars #1 with that image of everyone just charging at you. i loved those big earth-shattering sagas even though i didn’t read enough of them to understand what exactly was going on. i just sort of accept that spider-man had a new black suit and that something big must have happened. and let’s not forget the secret wars action figures…


  • Stermer
    6:22 pm on
    August 31, 2009

    i loved the secret wars action figures and their weird shields with motion action scenes in them. At least the cover to secret wars #1 was not the cover to marvel’s first cross over “contest of champions” #1. it has an extra large number of confused looking superheroes including a bunch they just made up for the series like “the arabian knight” and “shamrock” just to make their superheroes seem more multi-national.


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