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Techniques of Photographing Women by Peter Barry

This is the crowning glory of our book collection. Luke found it in a used book store in Austin, TX. For those of you who have not already been forced to look at it, here are a few of the hundreds of amazing and (for-real) inspiring images.

This is from the chapter that addresses lighting and good studio technique:


This is from the chapter about erotic photography.The author suggests that the human female face alone can be very sexy. A novel idea, but one that can be clearly expressed when the warm sensual curves of the face are contrasted to the cold hard edges of an unfeeling metal man:


This is my favorite model. She is also one of the author’s favorites and makes regular appearances throughout the book. She is a tigress of power and you almost believe that there could some day be women judges in the UK, but the hint of nipple quickly brings you back to happy reality:


This is from the chapter on airbrush techniques. Be sure to leave the face and pubis untouched:


This is Luke’s favorite for obvious reasons. The author clearly practiced good studio technique:


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  • Jim
    11:10 pm on
    April 6, 2009

    I’m not going to lie, when we were staying in your house this past holiday season, this book was the first thing I went for. I haven’t been able to get it out my head since you first introduced me to it last summer.

    It’s amazing, and what’s extra amazing is Peter Barry’s authorial tone. I would assume that any book marketed as instructional would suppose that the reader is not yet a successful portrait photographer, maybe an amateur or possibly even a beginner. Not Peter Barry. What’s one of his frequent tips for shooting portraits? Hop in a plane with a gorgeous model (and make up team) and fly to a beautiful Caribbean island to put the model at ease, you’ll get better semi-nudes if the model is comfortable.

    It’s advice like that, which any budding photographer can use, that gives the book an added layer of ridiculousness that sets it apart from all other photographic guides that I’ve seen.


  • Ashleigh
    7:52 am on
    April 7, 2009

    Peter Barry does not suffer beginners! (Nor should anyone serious about photographing women.) You need to advance directly to expert/professional before even considering dabbling in photography. He also has some other mighty opinions about the uselessness of art directors.


  • Sunnie
    12:34 pm on
    July 12, 2009



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