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Jack Vance: Showboat World

If you guessed that this book was about a spaceman landing on a moon of Saturn, infiltrating a futuristic city made up primarily of observatories, dealing with a seemingly hostile bat-winged, goat-headed, ray-gun wielding monster reminiscent of the aliens from Childhood’s End, then doing battle with a sanitation man after being transformed into a chimpanzee zombie all while falling in love with a beautiful space iguana, I’m sorry to say that you’d be wrong.

In fact, Showboat World has absolutely nothing to do with this illustration; it’s far more interesting, and it’s mainly about MacBeth.

Jack Vanc: The Blue World

However, if you guessed that this novel was about a rugged individualist who feels unfairly subjugated by a greedy sea monster and resentful of the theocratic class that serves it (the monster), and that the story takes place on a planet without any solid land where humans (descendants of the survivors of a prison ship) live on a tiny kelp archipelago, you’d be absolutely right

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  • Brittany
    9:41 pm on
    August 6, 2009

    I just want to note that these are both amazing and awesome books and Jack Vance is the best.


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