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1986 German article about the private life of Scorpion guitarist Rudolf Schenker

To begin: a furnished attic used solely to store his leather jacket collection, a sleeveless guitar tee that gives the illusion of a tri-neck guitar, and a golden scorpion coffee table to sit and contemplate by … Rudolf Schenker, I salute you!

Plus (below), my favorite Scorpions album cover, better than the deservedly controversial Virgin Killer cover, but not by too much.

The Scorpions - Love Drive album cover

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  • Brandon
    12:31 pm on
    September 9, 2009

    that is an incredible scorpion coffee table.


  • Tammy
    12:07 am on
    December 18, 2009

    I’m with you. That is my all time fav album cover! And to be honest, Rudy is my guitar hero. I must ask if there is any way I can get a copy of that Bravo Scorpions Privat article please? Thanks.


  • Brittany
    9:42 am on
    December 21, 2009

    Hi Tammy – you have excellent taste. I don’t actually have the article but found the image here

    They might be able to help.

    Rock on!


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