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Can I have one?

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So I’m currently staying in Sydney. I saw Elijah Wood in the lobby, so I knew he was staying in the same hotel. When I had my itunes open, I noticed that someone was sharing an itunes library to anyone on the same network (which in a hotel on wireless means anyone in the building). It was cleverly labeled “Elijah Wood’s iTunes Library” for those of you that don’t know, you can set what your sharing library is named as to not let everyone know your first and last name.

Besides having a playlist named “romantic ideas”, he’s got standards like the beatles, aretha, and alternative rock mainstays. Also present is a very large collection of George Michael (and not just faith) and even a New Edition album (pre bobby brown’s “shoe don’t follow me” days).

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These are paintings from a bridge in Luzern, Switzerland that is supposed to be the oldest wooden bridge in Europe…there are probably over 100 of these triangular skeleton paintings from the 16th century…creepy!





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So it’s not exactly a album cover, but it’s the poster from the commemorative album from the Brussels 1958 Worlds Fair.  Le Corbusier, Edgard Varése and Yannis Xenakis all collaborated to create the Philips Pavilion and the worlds first “Sound Installation”.  I happen to think this building is incredible and Varése is my favorite composer of all time and I wish the building and installation were still around to see…

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OK, I know I’m late on this (as usual) but I knew I had this one somewhere and was holding out until I found it..Me and Pee Wee

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My Dad with Nixon pre-CA Govenor

My Dad with Nixon '60 or '61?

The Ronalds

The Ronalds

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Not the best shot, but you get the idea…

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