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Lil embroidered handkerchief gift for my friend.

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Sigh. I loved Hugh Grant with all of my being from the moment I saw Four Weddings and a Funeral. If my love could withstand multiple viewings of  a movie staring the wretched Andie MacDowell, it had to be true.  Who could resist the foppish hair and self-deprecating wit,  posh accent and the  ability to play the same character over and over.

I like to think a paparazzi flashed this photo, catching us in an affair as we leave a cozy Notting Hill restaurant but really I stalked him at Late Night with Conan O’Brien when I was in high school.

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I think James Brown was about 40% talent and 60% taste. His awesome belongings were auctioned off last July by Christies to the dismay of his children and business managers but to the joy of bidders.

James Brown's sofa

James Brown's chairs

James Brown's hair products

I almost bid on this set of curlers, hair products and Polaroid. Original price was set at $400 but the lot went for $6,000!

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This image hangs on my wall and is one in a series of paintings by Dina Kelberman titled The Object Itself. I fell in love with all things Dina after seeing Wham City‘s glorious live production of Jurassic Park which she wrote and produced.



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from bebe le strange

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Just got back from the Salone del Mobile design fair in Milan and had to share Gaetano Pesce‘s Amici and Montanara couches for Meritalia. The fish man does it again. Wish I were wealthy enough to scare children with this furniture.



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David and Victoria at home


The Wedding

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A. Taking a glance across the bedroom at her husband as he buttons his shirt and adjusts his tie, she notices the gray starting to show through his  black hair. The years they’ve spent together haven’t always been easy, but now, with the children grown, they can take time to remember the days when love was in Full Bloom (T20A). As she brushes her hand across the satiny bedding, she notices her dreamy stare and with a wink of his eye reminds her that their love is one that will never fade. Dry clean. Imported. Specify Sage of Lavender.

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You think your kid is the most beautiful thing that has ever come out of a womb. You want to show off your child, build their confidence, bank some college fund cash. So wanna-be show mom brings her kid in for headshots to start his modeling career and the doe-eyed tyke ends up modeling the latest in choking hazards. I’m sad I’ve only collected photos of 3/22 Bling Teeth.




I particularly like how passive this kid is

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