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A drink I had just last week at a place in Long Island City called Dutch Kills Bar. It was called the Von Trapp. And it was delightful.

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Need a DJ? Take this number down.

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Mom + Sewing + Love = Robin Costume

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Despite having been told by Marcus Shenkenberg once (in my younger years) that I reminded him of Michael J. Fox…current zeitgeist dictates that Zach Galifiniakis portray me in film. Or vice versa.

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It’s that time of year kiddies…time for pop up Halloween stores to take over abandoned Office Max stores and inundate Manhattan with costumes galore. Whilst waiting to meet a friend at the Kips Bay Loews to see a showing of District 9, I stumbled into one such store and spotted more than enough regalia to scare the bejesus out of me. Including a ton of sneaky penis-related costumes meant to be funny but that really end up making anyone who wears them look like an asshole. And then there’s this gem above. I guess everyone wears these in rehab in order to avoid being sued. Sigh.

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One year, on a trip to South Carolina, my family stopped in the Smokey Mountains…more specifically Gatlinburg…even more specifically…Pigeon Forge…Tennessee. It was there that my father bought a novelty t-shirt similar to this one, however, his shirt claimed that he ran into Tammy Faye in “the smokies”. That shirt was given away years ago but if anyone sees it or sees the above shirt, please let me know. There’s a sizable cash reward.

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The close out “cover week”…one of the first comic books I ever tricked my dad into buying for me at a convenient store. And one of my favorite covers of all time by the amazing and legendary George Perez.

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When I was growing up I had a bunch of these books. They really were the hot ticket at my elementary school for a period of time.

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Beauty School is IN!

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