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Captain Sky - Pop Goes the Captain

Captain Sky - Pop Goes the Captain

Captain Sky (according to wikipedia) is a musician with a funk-based musical style, futuristic costumes, and psychedelic imagery that are similar to those of George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. He’s always apparently well known for his odd album covers as witnessed here by his mention on Bizarre Records for his album “Concerned Party No. 1” (which contains the awesomely named song “Bubble Gum (I Chewz You)”.

Although “Pop goes the Captain” doesn’t display him in the fabulous outfit he’s wearing on that album cover, I find it far weirder.  This is another record I bought in a thrift store years ago strictly for the cover and not the music (which is actually only slightly less funky than the artwork).  Pop goes the captain is graced with an amazing drawing of the captain flying in space that can’t help but remind me of a high school student’s composition notebook drawings of the silver surfer.  My favorite part however is the collage on the back cover.  The pimp duck with the afro, the indian chief, the alien disco diva, the cat at the office holiday party, they’re all there.  It makes me wonder what the punks really thought about when they hear about this (as the star spangled kid floating in space asks)

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